Agilent-MESA Lego Robotics Competition
Spring 2006

Farzad Fatollahi-Fard & Craig Tynes

Build two Lego robots to compete in competitions:

Sumo Competition
Event Description
Robot sumo wrestling is a contest where two robots compete to push each other outside a defined circular ring. The first robot to touch any portion of the floor outside the ring, or that is deemed closest to the outer edge of the ring at the end of the timed round, loses that round. The challenge event will use a single elimination format.

Tournament Format
Timed 3-minutes rounds in a single-elimination competition. All teams must be prepared to compete at the start of the tournament event. Those robots not competing in the first round must remain in the tournament area as spectators. The tournament ladder will be posted immediately before the start of the first round. If a team is not ready when their challenge round is called by the judge, the team forfeits and the opposing team is declared the winner by default. After a robot completes a round, that team will be allowed to "repair" of modify their robot before the next bout, time permitting.

Match Rules
Each bout will last a maximum of 3 minutes. If after 3 minutes, both robots are still in the ring, the judge will call the bout. Each team is responsible for immediately freezing the position of their robot. The robot nearest the outer white boundary will be declared the losing robot. In the case of a tie, the judge has the authority to declare a rematch. The rematch will begin immediately following the judge's declaration.

Relay Race Competition
Event Description
Each team must build two robots, a "starting robot" and a "finishing robot" that work as a relay team to navigate down the drag race track, activate a "balloon popping" device on the "finishing robot", and pop a balloon anchored at the end of the race track. The team that completes both legs of the race in the least time is declared the winner.

Tournament Format
Timed trials. All teams must be prepared to compete at the start of the tournament event. Teams will run in a sequenced order determined by the judges and posted immediately before the event begins. (Example: Team 1, Team 2, Team 3... then the second trial repeats in that order.) Each individual team will have 2 tries, and must be ready when given a 30-second warning prior to their run. If the vehicles or team is not ready when their race is called, the team forfeits that attempt. Robot or program modifications are allowed between runs, if time permits. Since there is no guaranteed minimum time between trials, each team must make their own decision to attempt modifications between trials.

Event Rules
The objective of the contest is to perform the event in the shortest time. A team's best-timed trial will be used to determine placement. Each team has two robots. The first robot starts the race (the starting robot) and proceeds to enter the "target area", where it signals its teammate robot (the finishing robot). The run will be disqualified if the starting robot signals the finishing robot before in has entered into the "target area". Once signaled, the finishing robot immediately proceeds back down the course toward the finish line (the former starting line), activates a balloon-popping device, and pops the balloon. A robot pair that completes the race but fails to have a finishing robot that activates a balloon popping device will be assessed a 30-second penalty. Similarly, a robot pair that completes the drag race, but fails to pop the balloon, will be assessed a 30-second penalty.